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Elizabeth M.
Thank you so much for making my home glow before our big party. It has never looked so good.  We Appreciate your quick response! I couldn't believe how quickly they had everything clean! Your Contractors actually SPEAK ENGLISH....what a wonderful change to be able to communicate with our housekeepers!
Paul H.
It's very comforting to know that there is a dependable service in my town.  We verified your LICENSE and also verified you are hiring legal contractors in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  I know if I am ever in a jam, that I can expect great service from you. Thanks!
Benjamin G..
Thanks for your prompt and thorough service. I was amazed at how little your service cost. I appreciate your honesty and integrity! Your office manager actually credited $38.00 back to my card because I accidentally overpaid.
Ted R.
All of my friends insisted that I use your service when I needed a cleaning service. I am glad I listened. You were prompt and I felt I was getting an honest deal. I chose a plan that didn't fit my budget and you helped recommend a better fitting plan that I could afford. Thanks for the great service!
Trina G.
I chose a maid service to have them clean my new business downtown (chocolate store). The crew showed up on time, and actually gave me an extra hour on their own time. I was referred by a good friend who happens to be a client as well.

Great group of folks from the owners on down! thumbs up!
very happy!
Sean A.
FINALLY came away with a great maid service experience! They were on time and had all the right cleaning stuff. I've been using independents and private mom and dad shops for years, and needed a change. First Choice came out to my wreck of a college dorm at state, and re-organized it back to life..Definitely will be using them again. Price was fair.
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